Core Mechanics

Lite Paper

The core mechanics of Blocklete Golf’s features that will be discussed further in this paper are:

  • Improve the NFT’s (ie, the Blocklete golfer’s) skill level through gameplay

  • Build a team of Novice golfers to try to win medals

  • Collect or earn access to rare Legend golfers

  • Potential to earn weekly cash from joining a Pro Shop and playing golf for your Pro Shop

  • Enter top golfers into tournaments to try to win cash prizes

  • Operate a Pro Shop NFT to get access to sell gear to other players (primary sales)

All the features, when completed, will create an ecosystem where the players can benefit from playing the game.

*Please note that references in this document to “cash” refer to the Flow blockchain stable coin FUSD, and please see the How to Play the Golf Game App section below for more details

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