Leveling Up


Getting to the “Next Level”!

We’re working on a way for players to level up their golfers through gameplay. What is important is that we can create a balance between protecting the rarity of golfers within any given tier while at the same time creating a path for all golfers to level up. We know this balance is absolutely critical and thus are spending a lot of time to develop the right structure for this to happen.

While we have not defined the exact process yet, some of the components to leveling up that we’re considering are:

  1. Time spent in the game

  2. Becoming a member of a Pro Shop

  3. Certain win achievements

  4. Maintaining the level through ongoing challenges (golfers can never go below the tier at which they were initially minted)

Details and mechanisms for leveling up may change over time, and information about these updates will be published on an ongoing basis.

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