Golfer Tiers

The first decision a player will need to make in the game is what golfer to buy.

While the game will be fun if a player only owns one golfer, the idea for the game is to build a team of golfers that work together to achieve an optimal game strategy.

All golfers, irrespective of tier, will have a resource constraint reflected as “tickets,” with each golfer to have a set of tickets to play each day. It will be up to the player to consider the tickets needed to optimize their game strategy—this is where owning a team of golfers becomes a consideration.

The Blocklete Games team understands that not everyone will have the funds to buy into the highest tier. Because of that, we are thinking through a design for all golfer tiers to have a way to level up to the next tier and beyond. As each player wins their way through the levels, it will become increasingly more challenging.

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