Blocklete Golf Whitepaper
Blocklete Golf Litepaper - Updated Mar '22

Golfer Tiers

The first decision a player will need to make in the game is what golfer to buy.

While the game will be fun if a player only owns one golfer, the idea for the game is to build a team of golfers that work together to achieve an optimal game strategy.
  • Novice golfers have the lowest attribute levels and are the most common. This is the most affordable price of entry and offers a relatively low-cost way for players to get familiar with the game and begin to play their way towards a higher status level. Depending on player skill, other categories of golfers may be able to win more medals or win them faster than a Novice, but owning multiple Novice golfers may be beneficial as a way to start with limited initial cost and work up towards these higher level golfers. Novices may also participate in competitive events geared towards their skill set to maximize winning among their own cohort.
  • Pro golfers are more expensive and less common than Novices. Pros may access higher-level challenges and should theoretically be more competitive within higher prize pool tournaments (e.g., because of the combination of higher golfer attribute levels combined with the player’s game-play skill)
  • Elite golfers are more expensive and less common than Pros. For skilled players, Elites should be great competitors, especially when Elites have leveled up. For skilled players, Elites should offer better opportunities for success in "compete to win" events than both Pros and Novices.
  • Legends are the most expensive and are ultra rare. When used by a skillful player, they should offer the best opportunities to win competitions against other players. Blocklete Games will also only mint a limited set of Legend golfers in the life of the game (the total number of Legends will be determined by the limited quantity minted by Blockete Games plus Legends created by players “leveling up” lower tier golfers).
All golfers, irrespective of tier, will have a resource constraint reflected as “tickets,” with each golfer to have a set of tickets to play each day. It will be up to the player to consider the tickets needed to optimize their game strategy—this is where owning a team of golfers becomes a consideration.
The Blocklete Games team understands that not everyone will have the funds to buy into the highest tier. Because of that, we are thinking through a design for all golfer tiers to have a way to level up to the next tier and beyond. As each player wins their way through the levels, it will become increasingly more challenging.