Approaches to Play

Getting in the Game

There are going to be four ways to participate in the ecosystem of the game. These ways to participate are not mutually exclusive to each other and are in different phases of readiness.

  1. Collecting, trading & owning Golfers - (Novice, Pro, Elite, Legends). Legend golfers are the rarest golfers and have the most ability in the game. Blocklete Golf will only allow for a limited number of Legend golfers to be minted or leveled up (not yet possible, but our current thinking on how we might implement this is presented later in this document). AVAILABLE NOW

  2. Play for Rewards - This approach is aimed at those who enjoy playing the game day-in and day-out for the potential to receive rewards without needing to outperform other players. This will require an investment of a player’s time. The player will choose a Blocklete golfer to play in the game events to win medals and points. The player’s skill and the NFT’s (e.g., Blocklete golfer) attribute levels will have an impact on how many medals and points they are awarded. As a player completes events and accumulates medals and points, the player will be able to use medals to level up the golfer’s attributes and contribute their points to the Pro Shop as a club member to enable and participate in Pro Shop gear sales (more on that later). AVAILABLE NOW

  3. Compete to Win - This is intended to be a competitive offering, where a player can compete to win cash rewards. This requires finding the best golfer and the right gear, plus skilled gameplay so the player can win against other players in events and tournaments. The right combination of in-game assets/gear along with a player’s own skills will be the key to success. AVAILABLE NOW

  4. Operate a Pro Shop - To participate in this part of the game, a player will need to buy a Pro Shop NFT. The player will also need to spend time recruiting golfers to join their Pro Shop as team members (who are referred to in this document as Pro Shop Club or team members). Team members can play the game and contribute points they win towards their Pro Shop. Based on the Pro Shop’s point totals, the Pro Shop’s owner will receive access to mint Blocklete Golf gear to sell, and the Pro Shop’s team members will share in the revenue. In addition to attracting team members and managing the relationship with them (e.g., setting revenue shares), the Pro Shop owner will need to manage gear and inventory strategy (e.g., how much to make and what kind). COMING SOON

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