Pro Shops


Pro Shops and Pro Shop Club Members

Owning a Pro Shop will give a player access to mint new gear and sell it to other players, which will also require an ongoing time commitment to manage. As a Pro Shop Owner, the player will need points to create gear for sale (gear inventory). These points can only come from players who have decided to join the Pro Shop and are current members (players can only be a member of a single Pro Shop at any time). Pro Shop owners will need to sign up players to their Pro Shop. Pro Shop members will earn points through gameplay and attribute those points to the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop Owner will be able to set the revenue shares that will be distributed to the Pro Shop owner and the Pro Shop’s member golfers (i.e., the players who contributed points to Pro Shop toward creating the gear). Note that Blocklete Games will also receive a percentage of the net revenues for each item sold by a Pro Shop.

Pro Shop Club Members will need to understand the revenue share that the Pro Shop is giving out to the players who contribute points and the total number of players already signed up for the Pro Shop. The points that the players contribute within any given Pro Shop will directly impact their percentage of revenue share.

Pro Shop revenue shares will be distributed on a weekly basis based on gear sales that week. For example, if the Pro Shop Owner stocks gear in week 1, but does not sell that gear until week 3, the Pro Shop’s members who contributed points toward the gear in week 1 will receive their sales revenue share after the relevant gear sales in week 3. The share that was earned while a player was a member of a given Pro Shop will still be paid out once that gear is sold even if the player is no longer a member of that Pro Shop at the time the item is sold. This system will be part of the game’s smart contract logic.

For example, there is a Pro Shop that has 100 players who earn 1,000 Pro Shop points which allows the Pro Shop to mint 100 goods that are capable of generating $1,000 in weekly net revenue (note these numbers are strictly illustrative and not the expected actual numbers/rates). The Pro Shop declares a net revenue share out to players in the Pro Shop of 10 percent. If all 100 goods are sold at the end of the following week the players will divide up the $100 (10 percent x $1,000) according to the percent of 1,000 points each player contributed. The Pro Shop owner would keep the remaining revenue for themselves (net of the Blockelte Games share per item). Also please note that net revenue would be determined by first deducting applicable costs such as “gas” and other transaction costs.

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