About the Technology Behind the Blocklete Golf Game

Blocklete Golf is built on the Flow Blockchain. The Flow blockchain is the technology that records and verifies the players’ ownership of their NFTs (i.e., in-game assets like Blocklete golfers). This verification of ownership is what lets Blocklete Games provide a robust ecosystem. Flow is a proof-of-stake chain that was built for scale with negligible gas fees–you can read more about Flow here.

Blocklete Golf adds to the power of the blockchain by pairing the technology with Unity Software. Unity Software powers the gameplay within the game app. The actions recorded within the game in turn will update the blockchain’s ledger, which will then store the new attributes of the in-game asset. This is how the team achieved the revolutionary innovation of upgradeable NFTs, a core mechanic of the game and allowing players to improve their golfer NFTs over time.

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